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Rebecca Kenna: I’ll make the most of my opportunity

Rebecca Kenna
Rebecca Kenna at the Belgian Women's Open in Brügge. © Matt Huart - WWT

This year, two players of the World Women’s Tour will participate in the World Champion Qualifiers again. The first one is reigning World Champion Reanne Evans, the second is Rebecca Kenna. We’d like to introduce the latter personally to our audience. This portrait is also available in German, English translation by Filia Rheni.


The Mental Side Of The Game

Peter Ebdon mentale Stärke
Peter Ebdon at the PHC 2018. © Lula Witzescher

World championship quarterfinal 2005, Peter Ebdon is 2-8 down against Ronnie O’Sullivan. But in frame 11 the game starts turning and Ebdon fights his way up to a tough 13-11 victory. World Open final 2018: David Gilbert leads Mark Williams 9-5, only one frame away from his career’s first title, but Mark Williams wins in the end. This article is also available in German. Weiterlesen

Mark Davis: It’s all about winning.

Mark Davis, Dark Mavis
Dark Mavis, the man who never smiles?! © Monique Limbos

At long last: after various player portraits, today is the day of the one and only number one on my personal list: Mark Davis.


On the loneliness of a snooker enthusiast

Der Beginn der Einsamkeit: Screenshot Webseite WorldSnooker
Könnte ein Bild von heute sein. War aber mitten während der WM.

I’m not feeling well. Not only because, after 25 days of world championship, today is the day when the „snooker hangover“ kicks in. No, I’m also feeling unwell because the life of a snooker enthusiast is a lonely one quite often. Even at the one time of the year that is dominated by the beloved sport for the likes of me, I am alone. I can count the number of people who even remotely share my passion on one hand in my immediate vicinity – if not on one finger. Translation: Filia Rheni Es gibt diesen Artikel auch auf Deutsch. Weiterlesen

Maria Catalano wins sixth CGMT-title

Stats Halbfinale
Matchstatistik des Halbfinales

In the final of the Connie Gough Memorial Trophy Bex Granger met Maria Catalano. Granger had beaten seven-time champion Reanne Evans 3-2 in the semis, while Catalano won against Laura ‘lal’ Evans 3-1. Weiterlesen

Champion of Champions and runner-ups?

Hull, Robin Riga Open 2015
Robin Hull at the Riga Open 2015 © Monique Limbos

Normally, we’d be watching snooker right now. For example the Ladies Paul Hunter Classics, or the amateur matches of the Paul Hunter Classics in Nuremberg and Fuerth, respectively. Even though there are only live pictures from the ladies. We would even follow the live scores online – which are not available for the amateur matches at PHC. It doesn’t matter. (Translation: Filia Rheni.) Weiterlesen